Why Work With A Public Speaking Coach

Have you ever walked away after delivering a professional speech that had you thinking, “My speech was lacklustre and I certainly could have done better.”

“My speech was lackluster and I certainly could have done better.”

Yet, the questions are “Yes, but how?”, “what specifically could I have focused on?”, “how do I get my point across to the audience succinctly and effectively?”, “what can I do to get my audience to take action fast?”, “what are the most critical barriers that I have to overcome so my speeches and presentations really sell?” “can i improve my speaking technique, get better body language, and overcome my fear of public speaking?”

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, consider working with Benjamin, your personal Professional Speech Coach.


benjamin loh speaking coach

Why Benjamin Loh?

benjamin loh public speaking coach in singapore

Concrete results and personalization for your personal and professional success – my clients typically walk away with 150-200% ROI in investing in a coaching relationship with me.


Focus on key areas of growth that will maximize your results. So you can spend more time and energy figuring them out on your own so why not approach a trained Coach? Think Pareto Optimal.


You are a specialist at what you do (be it finance, management, IT, sales) but you need to SHINE on stage to generate revenue and business opportunity for your corporations.


Tried-and-tested formulas and project coaching tools. Get determined on your personal and professional success with the help of a professional speaking coach.

Our ‘SPEAK’ Speech Coaching Model

The only reason why you give a speech is to sell and change the world. Whether it’s a belief, promise, story, opportunity, your venture product or specialized service… you need to sell your audience on it.

The ‘SPEAK’ Speech Coaching Model was developed with Benjamin’s deep understanding what it takes to sell on stage – excellent platform skills to engage your audience and advanced selling conversations to create desire and invoke action.

Why Engage Benjamin As The Public Speaking Coach?

Look no further. Benjamin is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), possibly one of the youngest Qualified and Credentialed Coaches in Singapore and Asia Pacific. He has had the great opportunity to work with myriad of clientele from students to entrepreneurs and Directors of Listed Companies and CEOs. His clients come from corporations like MOE, IBM, DHL, AIA, ERA, Barclays Capital, Ernst & Young, Franklin Templeton Investments, Walton International Group and Le Xin Group.

As a seasoned Toastmaster, he has also previously placed with high honours and clinched the 2nd Runner-up position for the District 80 (Singapore & Thailand) Evaluation Speech Contest 2011/2012. Benjamin was also invited as a Guest Speech Coach on Channel News Asia (CNA)’s Social Inc where he worked with his client on effective pitching skills.

As a Certified Reiss Profile® Master, you also receive a detailed 16-page Reiss Profile® report that facilitates your personal discovery process in the coaching program.


Personal Executive Coaching Fee Model

Work with Benjamin on a one to one public speaking coaching basis. If you want Benjamin to train your team, ask about about his public speaking courses and workshops instead.

*Note – pricing packages will differ due to variance in clients’ needs and hence, the presented information should only be taken as indicative base investment.
*For clients from Singapore Companies fulfilling the IRAS Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme criteria, the Speech Coaching Program can be subsidized with a 60% cash-payout as well as a 100% cash bonus (up to $15,000).

Hear it From Benjamin’s Clients


“The thing I liked best about him is he really tries to understand your position/product/idea and tailors his advice around your needs. His advice and tips are directly related to your topic, which is great and super helpful. Many other coaches simply rehash the same advice to everyone. (…)

He is the real deal when it comes to training for pitching and public speaking. He was born to be a coach and help people, if you want to take your public speaking/pitching to the next level I highly, highly recommended you or your organisation engaging with Ben!”

Amar Banwait

Founder & CEO , ShereIt (formerly Bw8 Trading)

“Benjamin is outstanding in coaching people to pitch. What he has is a gift, on top of his professionalism and great capacity to address the right changes to get the best performance out of a person. Without any doubt I can say he is the best I had ever been working with, and for sure one of the top coach available in the market. Thanks to his support I made one of my presentation an absolute success!”

Roberto Capodieci

CEO; Founder, OTDocs.com; DeBuNe.org and TheSoundKey.com

My biggest tangible takeaway from Benjamin’s coaching? An immediate closing of a USD$40,000 deal with a client who initially said she wouldn’t invest anymore but decided otherwise, after listening to my closing story that led to her taking action. I just want to say that you are hardworking and willing to sit through my presentations, really helpful to give review of my voice recording even on the weekends and are sincerely adding value with the essentials you learnt through your own speech experiences! Thank you and I have no regrets engaging you as my public speaking coach!

Fenny Maynard,

Sales Director, Walton International Group (Singapore)

Just want to drop you a note to let you know that I had thoroughly enjoyed myself during the 3 sessions of training I had with you in preparation for my Speech on our Company’s big day. Under your coaching, I have become more confident and was able to present myself and my speech in style. It was my first speech on stage and I am glad that I have managed to engage your service in time. I will definitely come back to you again should I or my associates be needing such relevant training in the future time.

Thomas Hong,

CEO, Le Xin Group

Engage Benjamin for a 1-to-1 personal coaching session

Learn how to propel your ROI from your professional speeches and presentations and have revenue and investment opportunities knocking at your door today!