Keynote Speaking on the Millennial Agenda and Multi-Generational Workforce

A leading social entrepreneur and advocate for Senior Employment, Helen Lim, has this to say of me,

“If the stereotype of Gen Y is one who is spoilt, irresponsible and immediate gratification based, Benjamin Loh defies all that! (…)
The future is all yours Benjamin, one of the promising future leaders of Singapore!”

Did you know that by 2025, 1 in 2 workers in our workforce will be a Gen-Y or Millennial?

Forward thinking organizations like QBE Insurance and Shell have engaged Millennial Speakers like Benjamin to speak at their internal town hall to address multi-generational challenges and shed light on how the various generations (Baby Boomer, Generation X and Generation Y) can bring out the best from each other. Get more insights into the minds of millennials. Learn how to motivate them, and have effective communications across generations.

millennial keynote speaker benjamin loh

With Karl Hamann, CEO at QBE Insurance (International) Limited
after addressing 250 staff members at their Town Hall 2014.

Keynote and Talk Topics

  • Leading Multi-Generational Teams – bringing out the best from Boomer to Milennials
  • Generational Rifts – Why aren’t they talking and what you can do about it
  • Confessions of a Generation Y – How I like to be led, managed and inspired?

Watch Benjamin Loh in action:



Typical Talk Breakdown for ‘Generational Rifts – Why aren’t they talking and what you can do about it’

  • The common fault lines when it comes to communications at the multi-generational workplace
  • The ostentatious “white elephant” in the room that needs to be addressed to ensure communications and empathy across the multiple generations
  • The paradigm shift required by Senior Management in enabling a healthier, more productive and forwarding work culture for Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y
  • The 5 simple Golden Rules of Engagements for Baby Boomer and Gen X managers in working with Gen Y talents


Hear it from our past clients:


“It was a pleasure to have you speak at our recent Town Hall in order to break up what could otherwise for staff be a monotonous session. Your talk on the different generations was very engaging with the appropriate use of visuals and in particular sounds from the past.

It was not just useful for the senior managers in the room to understand why different generations have different values / behaviours but also to allow the younger staff to appreciate why some of the managers might not have the same values / behaviours as them.

From the session I am sure that the staff have a better appreciation and will manage down or up being mindful of the differences. 

Being able to properly engage our Generation Y workforce will ensure that we have a dynamic and viable business into the future. 

Look forward to engaging you in the future.”

Karl Hamann

Chief Executive Officer , QBE Insurance (International) Limited

“I’d the privilege of co-presenting with Benjamin to a group of SMU students. He’s one of the more engaging speakers I’ve seen, and he was very convincing and effective in delivering his key messages during the talk.

He was well prepared, has a good sense of humour too and his passion for the topic shone through. You could tell that the audience was engaged the whole time he’s on stage. Definitely an inspiring speaker that we should learn from!”

Alvin Kan

Evangelist, LinkedIn

“Ben is amazing. He’s young, but has talent written all over him. I’ve known him for two years now and have always been impressed with his voracious appetite for learning and equally strong need to achieve. 

He is a capable speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach, among many other things.

Recently, I was able to work with him directly for a design thinking workshop we put on for a group of 70 youth. He was a superb facilitator and really connected with the kids. They rated him a 4.88 out of 5, the highest of any facilitator. 

It’s honestly hard to recommend someone like Ben enough.”

James Norris

Behavioral Science • Emerging Technology • Social Change

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