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I am an Executive Coach and public speaking coach based in Singapore. As the Founder of the Speaker’s Flare Training & Consultancy, a niche outfit founded to empower executives in communicating effectively and persuasively, my role is to guide my clients to discover how easy it can be to just be themselves and yet, shine when they speak in public. This is my business website and it’s focused on being a source of inspiration and wisdom for young professionals to achieve excellence both professionally and personally. I write and share content related to public speaking, professional development, networking, entrepreneurship, coaching and my occasional muses. My goal? Be a go-to site where you can find digestible, implementable and wholesome content so you can take action in the very next instant and see your career and work soar. If you’re a young professional seeking the next breakthrough in your career or an entrepreneur looking to scale up your enterprise through the power of meaningful connections — then this blog is the place for you.


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My Story

I am fueled by public speaking and my desire to change the world, i.e. activism. My epiphanies about ‘what drives me’ and ‘what keeps me awake at night’ weren’t by chance. For 20 years, I have been searching for the meaning and purpose of my life. Thankfully enough, I chanced upon Life Coaching as the door which led him to greater and deeper self-discovery.

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At the age of 28 years old, I’ve been investing the past five years for self-education in the art and science of connecting with successful individuals and building a Personal Board of Directors (BoD) comprising Directors of Public Listed Companies, adjunct faculties, media personalities, leading social entrepreneurs and successful business owners.

I am also the youngest Associate Certified Coach (ACC) in Singapore and possibly Asia Pacific. As a Certified Extended DISC® Professional and Certified Reiss Profile® Master, my work in Executive Coaching revolves around empowering individuals with public speaking training and connecting with people, to discover more truths about themselves. My clients include entrepreneurs and executives from organizations like MOE, IBM, DHL, AIA, ERA, Barclays Capital, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Ernst & Young, Franklin Templeton Investments, Walton International Group and Le Xin Group. My work in entrepreneurship and activism has also been covered on over 50 occasions on over 10 media platforms like Channel News Asia (CNA), Straits Times (ST), The New Paper (TNP), Lian He Zao Bao (LHZB), Sunday Times, Business Times (BT), News938 Live and Gold 90.5 FM. My executive speech coaching can help you with improved public speaking, better body language, and help you deliver effective presentations and speeches.

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