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Working with Benjamin in the area of personal development is a process of deep self-discovery to gain that unfair advantage in personal excellence. With his over 5 years in group training and coaching and professional credentialing from the International Coach Federation (ICF),  Benjamin offers rich experiences, creative methods of interaction as well as high standards of excellence in my clients.

As a Young Professional or Senior Executive

I will help you to accelerate your learning and growth in a variety of critical soft skills that will set you apart from your peers and allow you to scale up the academic or career ladder and stand out.

Areas where I have worked my clients to significant successes are public speaking, presentation skills, interview skills, resume & CV review, networking for success, personal branding, competitive pitching and entrepreneurship.

Engage me for a customized 1-to-1 coaching program and at the end of coaching program, you will be able to:

  • Gain a deeper level of self-awareness, especially the critical barriers and challenges facing you in the areas of concerns
  • Discover what are the key areas and formulas of success and what it takes to infuse your personal attributes in the process
  • Accelerate your growth and learning in the engaged areas in a structured and monitored manner by up to 200% to 300%
  • Obtain timely and regular feedback on your growth and find out your “growth blind spots” in the process

1-to-1 Coaching programs are highly customized according to your needs and constraints so they remain relevant, specific and effective.

Contact Benjamin (mail@benjaminloh.sg) now to find out how you can kick start a relationship of growth
As an Organization or Institution

I will help you to co-create and design group training programs that meet the core needs of your stakeholders (staff, students, members, executives)

Through my signature program, Ignite Your Speaker’s Flare, your stakeholders will be able to:

  • Gain your attention of their audience in the first minute with a set of tools that will add more variety and engagement to their speeches
  • Hold themselves confidently and competently even when under fire from hostile audience
  • Discover what it takes to engage their audience in deep interest with your personal strengths and authenticity
  • Craft structured and entertaining speeches that will achieve their desired impact and objectives

To add to the repertoire of offerings, you can engage Benjamin for keynote speeches, moderator roles, facilitation, event hosting, lunch talks, assembly talks and sharing.

Contact Benjamin (mail@benjaminloh.sg) now to find out how you can deliver more value to your stakeholders